Consider Our Sales Representative Training Program
Reliance Standard's Sales Representative Training Program
Our industry-leading Regional Sales Representative Training program is important to our success. Through the program, new graduates like you will gain real-world experience in a variety of sales related roles, often resulting in full-time positions at one of our 27 Regional Sales Offices around the country. A limited number of internships are also available for qualified graduates and undergraduates alike.
Program Stages
The program is broken down into two stages: Regional Sales Representative Trainee and Sales Associate, with the goal of being promoted to Regional Sales Representative at the end of the program. 

Regional Sales Representative Trainee:  Learn the roles and responsibilities of the different positions within a Regional Sales Office. 
  • Systems training: initially trained on all internal systems at an accelerated pace in order to become proficient in pre sales activities.
  • Product knowledge:  Learning the fundamentals of group employee benefit products and services.
  • Mentoring: Understanding each role in the regional sale office via training and job shadowing. You will be assigned Regional Sales Rep Mentor and meet on a weekly basis to begin understanding the roles and responsibilities of a producing Regional Sales Representative
  • Service training: Learn the basic roles and responsibilities of the service team to help support both them and your assigned Sales Rep mentor with day to day service issues.
  • Licensing: Obtain all necessary state insurance licenses
 The Regional Sales Representative Trainee program would be expected to last approximately nine months depending on individuals' progress and Administrative Office training schedules. 
Upon successful completion the Regional Sales Trainee will be promoted to Sales Associate with the following additional responsibilities:
  • Continue to work with the sales and service teams on more complex sales, service and administrative issues.
  • Regularly present proposals at weekly sales meetings.
  • Travel with Regional Sales Representatives on broker calls on a regular basis.
  • Where appropriate begin to assist on directly calling on brokers in un-covered or under covered markets.
  • Continue to develop all other sales and service skills necessary to roll out into their own sales territory.
This process normally lasts 6 - 9 months depending on each individual's progression and availability of an open Sales Territory within the United States. Upon successful completion, the Sales Associate will be promoted to a Regional Sales Representative.
Who We're Looking For
  • Juniors or Seniors (December 2015-May 2017)
  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution; majors in Marketing, Management, Finance, General Business or Accounting preferred.
  • Desire to have a commissioned sales career with very high income potential
  • Energized by working with people, outgoing nature, great communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivated, self- initiating, self-directed
  • History of academic and/or professional accomplishments 
  • Ability to travel, including overnight travel
  • Desire to relocate
Job Description

Job title:
Regional Sales Representative (Trainee)
27 Regional Sales Offices nationwide
Job Description
The Regional Sales Representative Trainee will prepare for a position of responsibility for sales and service of group employee benefits to the brokers within his/her assigned sales territory. The Regional Sales Representative reports directly to a Regional Sales Manager. 

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the sales of company products.
  •  Responsible for the development of brokers within his/her sales territory. 
  • Adherence to established Regional Sales Office and Administrative Office procedures. 
  • Adherence to company underwriting guidelines while soliciting and securing profitable business. 
  • Providing service to policyholders and brokers as necessary. 
  • Assisting the Regional Sales Manager and Regional Service Manager in the general operation of Regional Sales Office functions as requested.
  • All other duties as assigned by management.
Starting salary: TBD

Field Sales Incentive Compensation:
  • Upon completion of the initial phase of the Regional Sales Representative Trainee training program (normally 6 to 9 months) you would then receive additional monthly income in addition to your bi-weekly base salary until the completion of the Sales Associate training program.
  • Upon completion of the Sales Associate training program and being promoted to a Regional Sales Representative you would then participate in the RSL Regional Sales Representative Field Sales Incentive Compensation Program along with a competitive bi-weekly base salary.