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Stories From Our Team
Corrine Oleniczak - Regional Account Manager
I joined as a RAM in June of 2012,  after holding a similar role at another carrier for just over 25 years.
Reliance has been such a refreshing change for me. In my previous life there was so much red tape -- so many layers in the organization that were often barriers to getting things done. Very different here. Everyone seems to have the same goal and the same definition of success, service delivery that keeps and grows relationships.
I really don't have a typical day. I could be handling requests from brokers or clients, looking into billing questions, following up with underwriting...there's a real variety that I find very invigorating. Some days I'm wall-to-wall responding to questions, and some days I have the time to be proactive and truly consultative. It's a good mix.
There are 5-6 people in the regional sales office I work in. Our team has been together for a while and we really complement each other well.
This position is perfect for somebody who wants to have an impact. You can build a track record of being a supportive, creative partner who understands the clients' needs -- and suddenly you feel like you're part of THEIR team, in addition to the Reliance team.  
I can't speak for every group carrier, but in my experience Reliance Standard is unusual in how it recognizes and cultivates excellence. If you're good, you'll be recognized for it and given opportunities to be even more successful.